Microsoft Seems Interested In Buying Warner Bros. Games

Microsoft joins a long list of potential acquirers for Warner Bros. Games.


Microsoft Xbox console exclusive Batman and Mortal Kombat???

Last month we’ve already heard rumors about the publisher of games like Batman Arkham, Mortal Kombat or Middle-earth: AT&T, the American multinational that currently owns WarnerMedia, is weighing the possibility of selling Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (and with it, the firm of Warner Bros. Games), which quickly attracted the attention of several potential buyers. It seems that we have to add one more to the list: Microsoft.



This is stated by the portal The Information, with the important nuance that AT&T has not yet decided whether it will finally sell WBIE. However, and considering that it is more or less the same kind of move that the company has been exerting to alleviate the enormous debt that the recent purchase of WarnerMedia generated, it is likely to end up happening.



At the time of this writing, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox has not issued any public comment about it, but we must bear in mind that Microsoft has spent the last few years buying different studios to add them to the growing list of Xbox Game Studios. Those of Redmond stopped buying studios recently, but not rejecting the possibility of returning to action as it suits them.



Currently, other large publishers such as Take-Two Interactive, Electronic Arts or Activision Blizzard have expressed interest in this transaction, if it finally comes to fruition. As a reminder, among Warner Bros. studios we find Monolith Productions (Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor), NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat 11) or Rocksteady Studios (Batman: Arkham Knight) among others.


We’ll see what Sony has to say about this!

Source: 3DJuegos

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