TPS View Is Now Available With A New Halo 3 PC Mod! [VIDEO]

You can see a detailed Master Chief in the Halo 3 PC Mod, thanks to which the TPS view will also be available!

The mod, developed by Parapara, makes the third-person view available in the game’s campaign, thanks to which we can admire our legendary hero from the outside as well. The great little add-on also works in co-op, all players just need to have the mod installed. More info about it on the Nexus Mods page.


Halo 3 received the least improvement in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which is why it also looks the worst, but thanks to the sharpening of the texture, the game still looks good by today’s standards. The game’s ultra-wide support isn’t a bad thing either, of course.


The most successful part of the Halo 3 on PC is undoubtedly the texturing, but your brain won’t bounce off because of it, their drawing distance is quite great, the distant textures are as needle-sharp as the close ones. Improving textures helps a lot in the game world. The environments are great, the opponents also look great, Master Chief and Cortana have also been made wonderfully, while the other human characters, let’s face it, look tragically.


Halo 3 is a real delicacy on ultra-wide on a PC, as we can experience black stripe-free videos. Of course, that’s not to say that the experience isn’t as memorable in 16: 9, which is especially great in 4K when playing on a big screen. The performance is simply perfect, hardly worth a word, even on a mid-range card, the game runs smoothly in 1080p, maintaining frame rates above 60 FPS.


So the mod created by a user called Parapara can be downloaded, shared, installed, played by anyone. It’s a very simple little stuff, it’s actually mostly stirring with the camera, which gives Master Chief a 3D exterior view model. Thanks to this, the reload of weapons, the change of weapons, the onslaught of our hero, his walk and the jumping can be experienced from the outside. The usual things that are in a Halo still seem so new from the outside.



To install the Mod, we need to copy the map files to the following location:

steam / steamapps / common / halomasterchiefcollection / halo3 / maps folder.

Remember to turn off Easy Anticheat, otherwise it will disable the mod.


Halo 3 has just been released for PC, and here’s the first essential mod for it. The PC Master Chief Collection continues to expand.


Halo 3 is finally available for PC, so the legendary Xbox 360 game can already be experienced by a wider audience within the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The Collection is also available on Xbox One and is of course part of the Game Pass.

Source: WCCFTech, 3DJuegos

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