Will we have Titanfall 3 someday? From EA comes a slight comment, but hopeful

For now, the North American publisher is content with the work done on Apex Legends.

This week, Electronic Arts have shared with its investors the financial breakdown of its first fiscal quarter, and as usually happens in these cases, the speech includes the odd clue about the future of the company. If we have already told you that the parents of FIFA have an interest in buying new studios, perhaps about Warner Bros; In the same context, a comment about a possible new Titanfall also appears, although we warn you that it is not conclusive.

Speaking precisely about buying new studios, CFO Blake Jorgensen mentioned to Respawn Entertainment, the team currently working with Apex Legends: “We were able to organize with them and give them incredible support, all because of their mind-blowing talent. It wasn’t about from Titanfall… with all due respect to Titanfall. It is a superb game and maybe you will see more Titanfall sometimes in the future. But this was actually by the team itself. ”

As you can see, the possible new Titanfall is only mentioned in passing, but precisely the spontaneity of the matter also helps us understand EA’s perspective on this IP. Titanfall 2 may not have had great sales in its day, perhaps because it was launched among other established shooters such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, but it is one of the most beloved series that the publisher can work with today. , and the success of Apex Legends has only accentuated the fans’ hunger for new Titanfalls.

How viable is the idea of ​​releasing a new episode? Just as a point, when Titanfall 2 arrived on Steam this summer, it slipped into the top 100 of the platform despite its age, even surpassing the activity figures of Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront 2. It does not guarantee anything, of course, but it does demonstrate the interest of the community in seeing news and keeping the saga alive. For now, there is nothing official about it.

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