Project CARS 3 ‘What Drives You’ Trailer And Pictures [VIDEO]

The sequel to the simulator, Project CARS 3, arrives on August 28, in the meantime here is a brand new trailer and some screenshots.


Publisher Bandai Namco and the development team of Slightly Mad Studios have released a new trailer for Project CARS 3, dubbed “What Drives You.”

Pre-orders for the Standard and Deluxe versions are now available on all platforms. The latter is also accompanied by a three-day early access to the game, and a full-featured Season Pass, which packs the player with 4 packs of new content.

The “Ignition Pack” will also be available for free download from release until September 27th. It adds four license plate styles to the game, two separate tires, two rims, 4 racer numbers, 2 patterns, 10 racing outfits, and 20 stickers, plus two racers who can wear multiple outfits and helmets.



The following is an overview of the game from Bandai Namco:


Project CARS 3 is the third installment in the best-seller racing franchise that brings all the intense thrills, emotions and fun from the vibrant world of motor racing to vivid life as players undertake a whole new exciting career journey that sees them rise from weekend warrior to racing legend.

New to the franchise is a deeply engaging metagame that challenges players to race hard and earn in-game Credits with which to buy and own hundreds of cars from the world’s most elite brands and race them all on dynamic and spectacular circuits around the globe featuring stunning all-weather, all-seasons conditions.

Race-won Credits and XP will also entice players to buy authentic performance upgrades and customization options for their stable of exclusive cars, including wheels, tyres, body kits, rims, as well as personaliztion options to create their own racing hero personas.

With a completely redesigned and unrivaled controller experience, an even more accurate and fun handling model, adjustable skill settings for every level of driver and every element of weather-affected races, Project CARS 3 is the biggest, most exciting and authentic evolution to the definitive racing franchise.


Key Features


Own Your Journey

  • Race over 200 elite-brand race and road cars.
  • Over 140 global tracks.
  • Experience the visual spectacle of true-to-life dynamic all-seasons, all-weather racing.
  • Wide set of race conversion kits.
  • Race to earn Credits and XP to:
  • Buy and own hundreds of cars.
  • Upgrade cars with realistic performance parts that affect handling and power.
  • Customize your cars’ liveries with racing- and community-inspired elements along with decals, rims, tyres, license plates, race numbers, and more.
  • Personalize your drivers with characters, outfits, and helmets.

Feel Each Moment

  • Fully scalable assists for all skill levels.
  • New tyre model for convincing & fun handling.
  • 24-hour cycle, dynamic all-seasons, all-weather racing.
  • Unrivalled controller experience.
  • Visceral sense of speed.
  • Intense crash effects and authentic car-contact.
  • Enhanced AI.
  • 12K and best-in-class VR Support (on PC).

Earn Every Win

  • New and deeply engaging career mode.
  • Battle your way up from weekend warrior to racing legend.
  • New and compelling Multiplayer and Community Modes.
  • Fun and exciting Daily Challenges.


Project CARS 3 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam on August 28th.

Source: Gematsu

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