What In God’s Name Is Godfall? A Trailer Presents It Well [VIDEO]

In the video, we learn about the universe and gameplay of the “loot slasher” Godfall – the game will arrive on PC and PS5 later this year.


During the recent State of Play program of PS4 and PS5 games, Counterplay Games has presented an extensive video of Godfall, it’s promising ‘loot slasher’, explaining the different mechanics and keys of the game’s universe in anticipation of its premiere at the end of the year. If you have already been attentive to all its news, there is not much to discover in the trailer; But if you are not very familiar with the subject, it is a great summary of what it has to offer.



Godfall puts us in the shoes of one of the few warriors capable of wearing Valorian armor, a unique set that transforms its wearer into an unstoppable warrior. The objective of the game is to unlock new equipment with which to become even more powerful, master the combat mechanics, and apply all our knowledge and improvements to reach the top of a spire where a deranged god awaits us.

But getting there is not easy, and first, we will have to fully explore the different elemental planes (earth, water, air and fire) around them, massacring all kinds of hordes of monsters to improve our character in the process. And in case you were wondering, no; It is not exactly a game as a service: its makers anticipate that it is a full launch game and without any kind of microtransaction, so you can take it as a loot-oriented action RPG or hack and slash game.

Reminder: in addition to the PlayStation 5 release, the game will also come to PC via the Epic Games Store.

Source: 3DJuegos

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