Yakuza, more real than ever: a Japanese YouTuber goes viral recreating the games in real life

A creation that combines the Sega saga with elements from GTA and Metal Gear Solid.

The Yakuza saga has always been characterized by its realistic portrayal of the Kabukicho neighborhood in Tokyo. Well, if we ignore the people who walk around with katanas and baseball bats, the characters with problems that border on the absurd, the yakuzas turned into real estate managers, turned into orphanage owners and then taxi drivers … Okay, it is possible that the Yakuza games They may not be fully realistic, but a Japanese youtuber has gone viral with a creation that shows what Yakuza would be like in real life , with a dash of Grand Theft Auto , and a hit of Metal Gear Solid for flavor.

From the KMZW Isolation channel comes this production worthy of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, where we see how a person walks through the Shibuya neighbourhood, in Tokyo, as Kiryu would do if he visited one day. All very successful, from the movements when walking and the shoulder bumps with passers-by, to the fact of finding lost objects there – and starting the animation twice by mistake – to open the station lockers.

And then they also recreate a GTA-inspired follow-up mission with weapons, including death chamber, along with stealth parts in a box, worthy of Snake in his early years. And, in the end, street combat in the purest style of the Yakuza. The truth is that the production is very well done, special merit of the camera work, which does a spectacular job to sell that feeling that third-person action games convey.

With a Yakuza: Like a Dragon confirmed for the new generation of consoles, it is most likely that we will not see such graphic realism in its streets, although what is not going to be lacking is fun. The new main instalment of the saga will arrive in November, with a new protagonist, and with an RPG combat system that we show you in detail in our exclusive gameplay of the game. If you want to catch up on the saga before its premiere, here is the review of Yakuza 6.

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