Marvel’s Avengers: Black Widow’s And Miss Marvel’s Relationship

Actress Laura Bailey talked a little about Marvel’s Avengers. Her relationship with Miss Marvel is quite similar in the game as in reality.


Laura Bailey is undoubtedly a huge figure in the history of anime and video game voices in the United States. The actress has played characters in the category of Chun-Li in Street Fighter V, Nadine in Uncharted 4, Abby in The Last of Us Part 2 or Jaina in World of Warcraft. However, her star role in the Marvel animated series is with Black Widow, to which she has lent her voice for more than ten years and will continue to do so in the new Square Enix video game, Marvel’s Avengers, uniting the worlds of animation and games in her new role. The colleagues at 3DJuegos were able to talk with her for a few minutes about what to expect from the long-awaited production of Crystal Dynamics.

„They are two very different ways of understanding femininity and heroism.”

She told us, in fact, a curious anecdote about the relationship between Black Widow and Miss Marvel; If among the superheroines we will see a kind of teacher-student relationship in the game, this role also happened between the actresses who interpret them, Bailey herself and Sandra Saad: “This dynamic between veteran and newcomers is something fabulous. I think something wonderful about Marvel’s Avengers is that it presents female superheroines in a very diverse way. On the one hand you have Black Widow who is a veteran, badass in general, strong and independent. On the other hand you have Kamala Khan, Miss Marvel, who is adorable, friendly and radiant. She is a kind of fangirl! She also has a big heart and keeps her touch. They are two ways of understanding femininity and very different heroism. ”


She specified that “one of the interesting things about the relationship between Miss Marvel and Black Widow is that there is a kind of relationship between the student and the teacher. Sandra Saad (the actress behind Miss Marvel) has managed to print her own character on the character, and despite being still new to the industry and not having done motion capture scenes, when she came to the set she had that energy that Kamala Khan has and I felt that same sense of helping her and mentoring her, which was very organic and a dynamic that came out of naturally in real life and play. You don’t have to create that connection because it was already there.”

Since the mere announcement of the video game, Crystal Dynamics has insisted a lot on two aspects for Marvel’s Avengers: its customization and accessibility. What can Bailey tell us about the support received by the different groups present in the software? “I think Crystal Dynamics has done a wonderful job of representing the different groups that make up the Marvel universe beyond what you see in animation, comics, movies or the video games themselves. They have created a beautiful front door for the Marvel Universe in the virtual world, allowing all fans to feel like the heroes of the story and make the plot in their own way choosing who you want to be, something great. ”

“You make the story your own and the way you can edit your appearance makes your character your own. I can’t wait to see how players choose to play as Widow or Hulk. There are many options available to players and their entry into the game so I hope all players can enjoy it.

Marvel’s Avengers will be released next September 4 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: 3DJuegos

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