Is Sony Going To Hold A PlayStation 5 Conference At PAX Online?

It might be the time to (officially) reveal the price and the release date for Sony’s next-gen console.

Sony’s next-gen hardware at the moment has no pricing or launch day confirmed, which might be beneficial for the company, as Microsoft went first to talk about these in public (meaning we now know how much an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S will cost and when they will become available). PushSquare noticed that PAX Online (online because of the coronavirus in case you wondered…) has an event in its schedule called Sony Holder. So Sony has reserved a timeslot on September 18, and we have no idea what they could do here – however, due to the timing, we highly suspect that they will talk about the pricing/release strategy of the PlayStation 5. It’s likely going to arrive in November (but it might not be a simultaneous global launch, despite what Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment wanted), and it’s about time they talked about it, as pre-ordering has to start soon.

Also, Daniel Ahmad, the senior analyst at Niko Partners, revealed on Twitter what the PlayStation 5‘s likely huge box will contain. (The console itself is large, too!) We’re going to receive the console, a wireless controller (the DualSense, obviously), an 825 GB SSD in the console, regardless of the version, an HDMI cable, a USB cable, an AC power cord, a user manual, as well as a pre-installed game called Astro’s Playroom. You might have to update the console’s firmware first to play. Also, according to the image Ahmad posted, the model name will be CFI-1015A for the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, and CFI-1015B for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (the one without a Blu-ray drive), respectively.

The PlayStation 5 is supposed to launch this Holiday season, probably in November. Going by what we have heard so far, the Xbox Series will be available first.

Source: DualShockers, DualShocker

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