Tetsuya Nomura: Changing The World And Tying Loose Ends In Kingdom Hearts

Shouldn’t Nomura be focusing on Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 now…?

Tetsuya Nomura was interviewed by Dengeki Online to commemorate the launch of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. He had a few thoughts about a potential next-gen title (which would likely mean the complete series would get re-released again on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series). The interview said that the story ended in Kingdom Hearts III, but there were mysteries and characters. „I intend to tie up remaining loose story ends but also want to change the format a bit. I want to drastically change the world and tell a new story, but also tie up the loose ends. I don’t think there will be any situation where you will encounter Xehanort as the main story antagonist. Although the effects he had on the story remain, and you can see that in the story of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory,” Nomura said. That could be interesting.

He then got a question about how much he plans during development (and as an example, was Roxas’ idea present during the creation of the first Kingdom Hearts). Here’s Nomura’s response: „Typically I plan one sequel ahead of whatever that I am working on. When I was working on the original Kingdom Hearts, I was thinking about Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. For Kingdom Hearts II and Roxas, I was thinking of starting the game with a new protagonist, but didn’t have a concrete vision at the time.”

Then the topic of a Kingdom Hearts-type game on next-gen consoles was brought up, and… let’s tie the two relevant quotes together here: „If we make a Kingdom Hearts game for next-gen consoles, it’s going to be released after many other companies have already released their titles, so I believe we’d have to make something that could compete. Of course, that’s only a hypothetical since we haven’t announced that there will be a new title for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. (Laughs.) 2022 will be the 20th anniversary [of Kingdom Hearts]. We’re working to deliver good news, so I hope you’ll keep on eye on us until then,” Nomura said.

So they might be releasing the next Kingdom Hearts in two years…

Until then, there’s Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, which launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 13. It’s a rhythm game.

Source: Gematsu

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