They ask Kamiya about Bayonetta 3 and he does not disappoint: he repeats the 2019 answer word for word

The creative, as humorous as is usual for him, does not hesitate to make a “copy-paste” when asked about the game.

Hideki Kamiya is one of the most peculiar developers in the video game industry. He is the director of the first Devil May Cry or the original Bayonetta instalment. Precisely, the third instalment about the Saga of the Witch of Umbra brings head to the fans of the saga and the users of Nintendo Switch, since Bayonetta 3 was made official back in December 2017, we have not seen more than the logo of the game.

On the occasion of the annual balance, the Japanese publication Famitsu brings together several Japanese developers to discuss their plans and ambitions for 2021. The good Kamiya, with his characteristic personality, has not cut a hair and has copied the same answer he gave last year when talking about Bayonetta 3. He himself confesses in his statement, that we have seen via Gematsu.

“First of all, we know that there are a lot of people concerned about Bayonetta 3 considering that there has been absolutely no new information since its announcement, but the verifications of the new systems have gone great, and development is going very well as well. which please wait (this is a copy of my comment for 2020) “are literally the statements that Kamiya has left on Famitsu. You can check from this link that we echoed them last January.

What Kamiya does add is that Project GG, the new project he directs and which was announced last February, is taking its first steps. Will it arrive before Bayonetta 3?

Source: Gematsu

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