Playdead Is Working On A Third-Person, Open-World, Sci-Fi Title

LIMBO. INSIDE. You might now Playdead via these games, and regarding them, we can safely say that they rarely speak, but when they do, their speech is memorable.

LIMBO launched in 2010. INSIDE followed in 2016. So they aren’t a team that makes a game annually, but their third project hasn’t been showcased that much. We read on Twitter that a job listing surfaced on their website. It confirms that the third Playdead game is going to be „a 3rd person, open world, science fiction adventure.” The game was first shown in 2018, and already then, they said this is a third-person game with a more open approach than their previous 2D platformers. Then, Playdead later confirmed the sci-fi setting.

The studio has somewhat disappeared since, but they have been working on the game that hasn’t even been officially announced yet. The new job listing showcased the concept art that you can see below. We respect their mentality: they are strictly against crunch, which is often used by many studios to keep mandatory deadlines. Instead, they keep their pace, which is possibly why the result is incredible. (Two games out of two have been successful, that’s a pretty good ratio…). Another job listing describes Playdead as „a team of 50 creative professionals. Our approach to development does not include crunching towards arbitrary deadlines – instead, we look for people who enjoy managing their own schedule and thrive on working within a friendly collaborative environment.”

The third Playdead game will use Unreal Engine (probably UE4, as Unreal Engine 5, which looks to be stunning, will have its first game, Fortnite, migrate to it this summer…), and via a deal, the publishing duties will be dealt by Epic Games. They can maintain their independence and creative freedom while Epic will fund the project and offer support, also handling developer salaries, production, QA, and marketing.

We can be patient.

Source: PSL

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