Dying Light 2: The Developers Announced It Too Early!

Techland claims that Dying Light‘s sequel was announced way too early.

Techland was previously the creator of Dead Island, with less parkour, but more or less the same approach (zombie survival). However, they didn’t end up finishing the second main game of the series, which is now being handled by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios (who previously finished Homefront: The Revolution), but we have yet to see this game getting released. Techland instead took its formula, evolved it, and made Dying Light under Warner. Despite the game being six years old, it still got updated even last year.

Dying Light 2 was announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference in 2018, and Techland announced a year later that it would launch during the Spring of 2020. That didn’t happen (Dying Light 2 at the moment doesn’t even have a release window), and the possible development hell (departing lead writer, many people leaving the company, management not approving any ideas from people in lower ranks, etc) was already discussed by us.

„We’ve got a few words to share with you about the Dying Light 2 development process. Be sure to be with us next Wednesday [March 17]. [Do you] want to see it first? Join our Discord server now,” Techland wrote on Twitter. A reply comment said it feels like the game was in development hell, but the Poles responded: „As far as we know, the definition of a development hell requires the game to not make any development progress, while Dying Light 2 keeps moving forward, we announced the game too early but it’s far from being in a dev hell.” In a third tweet, they denied the game getting cancelled, and in a fourth one, they also ruled out an Early Access release.

After all this, the story would seem to get a fitting end if the rumours about Microsoft acquiring them were true.

Source: PCGamer

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