Google Stadia: Cloud Gaming is Coming on Android TV in late June

The Mountain View company has released the first official details for the premiere of Google Stadia on June 23.


Owners of Google Stadia have been asking for it for a long time and it is finally official. The streaming video game platform of the Mountain View company has confirmed its arrival on Android TV. It will do so from June 23 with Google TV, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi box and other devices and televisions.

In this way, the versatility of Google Stadia is increased with the possibility of being used on any device with a screen, without the need for external equipment. In this way, if you have a device with Android TV, it will simply be enough to activate the application on the indicated date and be able to start playing some of the most important news in the sector from anywhere thanks to cloud technology.

Although some users have managed to do this functionality through APK applications, now it will be enough to download it legally from the Play Store itself. One of the complaints from Stadia users was that this function had not been active since the arrival of the service in stores. This also opens the options to possible new users, since it will be enough to have a television with Android TV to use the service. The official list of compatible devices is as follows:


  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Hisense U7G, U8G and U9G televisions
  • Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro
  • Onn FHD Streaming Stick and UHD Streaming Device
  • Philips 8215, 8505 and OLED 935/805 TVs
  • Xiaomi Mi Box 3 and Mi Box 4

Source: CNET

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