God Of War Ragnarok: Cory Barlog Claims Responsibility

The director of 2018’s PlayStation 4-exclusive God of War says that we can blame him for Sony Interactive Entertainment delaying the sequel (which has no official name yet) from 2021 to the next year.


Internet trolling has been… quite a regular thing in recent years. A few people got mad that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Santa Monica’s next game, tentatively called God of War Ragnarok for now (where Atreus is presumably going to get a bigger role along with Kratos), has slid out and is trying to recover the bike along with Gran Turismo 7: both games couldn’t take the 2021 corner, but in return, both of them have been confirmed to be cross-gen titles (the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4 will both get it), but only in 2022.

Alanah Pearce has recently joined SIE Santa Monica, was the target of a few angry people. She’s joined the team as a writer, and Cory Barlog, the director of God of War has had enough. He wrote the following: „For real, you all, this is some BULLSH__! You want to be mad at somebody for ANYTHING God of War related (the delay, [being in development for] PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, the trolls, the subtitle size, the Sigrun, whatever), be angry with me.

I made the calls. I did this. Don’t bother the team, they are all very good people doing great work. Every single human at the studio is there specifically because they are f___ing EXCEPTIONAL at what they do. We are better because of them. Hell, I am lucky anyone is willing to lend their talent and intellect to my bullsh__. For some reason they do and I love them for it. Any anger over decisions made about the game is 100% on me. People [who are] mad, my DMs are open,” Barlog wrote.

It’s honourable that he stood up for his colleague, but it shouldn’t happen. (The trolling, threats.)

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