Stadia Puts the Turbo and Wants to Reach a Greater Number of Screens, or So Google Offers Suggest

The Mountain View platform recently arrived on Android TV and is now looking to support more platforms.


Google wants to bring Stadia to as many devices as possible according to a new job offer discovered online. This represents a change of focus in the company, where the list of compatible mobiles and devices has been growing slowly since the launch of the streaming service.

The shared job advertisement starts from the need to find a product manager with the clear mission of increasing the number of devices on which Stadia is present. In fact, the offer goes further and asks those interested for a clear commitment to seek to take advantage of the extensive park of smart televisions, making enjoying video games in the cloud possible on more screens.

This information is known shortly after the jump to Android TV and Google TV was confirmed this past June 23, an operating system from the Mountain View firm used in several of the most famous external players and spikes on the market. Now, with this job announcement, it seems that Google wants to accelerate its plans and reach the largest number of potential players for its service as soon as possible.

Of course, we do not know if these plans will be accompanied by a policy change in the service, where some users ask for something similar to Xbox Game Pass. And it is Microsoft’s main rival to Google in this regard, indeed. The Redmond firm announced a few weeks ago its goals to allow Xbox Game Pass to be played from televisions taking full advantage of xCloud technology.

Returning to Stadia, users can join Stadia Pro these days to enjoy a catalogue of games such as Moonlighter and Street Power Football.

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