James Bond game: exciting new details revealed in a job advert!

IO Interactive‘s James Bond 007 game, which tells the origin story, will not only be tough and charming, but also clever!


IO Interactive has embarked on a huge project, breaking into completely new territory after Hitman by developing a James Bond game with the working title Project 007. Although this game has been announced for some time now, little is known about it, but IOI is planning for the long term and is thinking about several related titles. The actual gameplay is not known, but it is almost certain that it will be different in many ways from the tried and tested assassin simulator recipe. All we know for sure is that we’ll once again be able to mess with James Bond in TPS mode – similar to Hitman.

All this can be deduced from a new job advertisement on the IO Interhofficial website, which has a deadline of the end of July. Specifically, the studio is looking for artificial intelligence programmers to work on a video game telling the ‘original James Bond story’, in which the legendary secret agent (however absurd these two adjectives may seem next to each other) will be given his famous title. The IO is working on its own AI technology, as the job advert says, and intends to use it in several other projects. The primary requirement is obviously to have experience in AI programming, but it would be an advantage if you have developed action games with an external view, i.e. TPS.

Of course, the Hitman games were also TPS, so it wouldn’t be so shocking to be able to control Bond from an external view, especially if the look of the snazzy agent is well developed. It’s just a job advertisement requirements system, and far from an unofficial announcement, so don’t take it for granted that Project 007 will be a TPS!

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