The makers of Back 4 Blood improve the field of view for PS5 and Xbox X Series X|S consoles

They also note that the performance of Back 4 Blood‘s sticks will also be improved in the final release, compared to the beta.


This weekend and until 16 August, anyone can try the open beta of Back 4 Blood, the new shooter from Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock Studios. The game caused a sensation early on with its resemblance to its ‘spiritual predecessor’ and is now available to anyone who wants to test fire. Of course, these testing periods are critical to the creators getting feedback from the community.

With user suggestions or requests, the studio will try to make the experience the best it can be when the game is finally released next October. Matt O’Driscoll, the game’s producer, told VG24/7 that he’s thinking of making some changes based on user requests. These include an increased and improved field of view (FOV) for the PS5 and Xbox Series versions. While it hasn’t been confirmed that it will be included, the creatives have admitted that it’s a “popular request” that will be looked at one more time.



O’Driscoll has made clear that the bots will be much more intelligent and helpful when the game becomes available to play with. This is one of the aspects that users have most criticised, and they are working on improving this and the balance of different difficulty levels within the game between now and launch to improve the user experience.

Back 4 Blood release date: 12 October.

Source: VG24/7

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