Ripout: Futuristic Sci-Fi and Horror Hand-in-Hand in a Cooperative Shooter With a new Trailer [VIDEO]

The brand new horror shooter: Ripout promises to twist the genre and also bring new mechanics.


Ripout promises action and horror in a sci-fi context, with a cooperative shooter game in which players will have to explore procedurally generated abandoned spaceships. In them, we will find a multitude of enemies among which we will have to breakthrough. An attractive setting for the genre, which draws on classics like “Alien“, with a style similar to the one we saw in Dead Space. Fans of space terror are in luck, and there are more and more game for the genre, starting with the return of Dead Space.

In Ripout, we will face dangerous mutants who will have the ability to reconfigure their body, taking advantage of their altered genetics to strengthen their skills and even join other minor mutants to create terrifying new life forms. To survive such threats, we can find loot boxes to get new weapons and objects.

Our characters will be fully customizable, and all the objects and weapons that we find will adapt and guarantee our survival. Among them, we will have a curious weapon called ” Pet Gun “, with which we will carry a small alien companion that will launch itself against the enemies and hunt them down. This pet also can absorb the technology of the mutants we kill. The title will feature many missions and objectives, a scalable cooperative multiplayer, and a rest area between patrols where you can customize your character or even relax by playing some arcade games from the 80s.

The developers have shared this pre-alpha advising that the shown does not represent the quality of the final product and confirm that the title is being developed in Unreal Engine. The mutant terror of Ripout will arrive on PC throughout 2022 and is now available to add to the Steam wish list. If you like horror and futuristic sci-fi action, we recommend that you look at the new title in the franchise that shaped the genre, Aliens Fireteam.


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