Battlefield actor Michael K. Williams dies of a heroin overdose

Michael K. Williams played a major role in NBA 2K21 and the Battlefield series, and LA Noire was inspired by the TV series, which he worked. The actor has struggled with addiction for a long time.


Actor Michael K. Williams, best known for his role in The Wire and his performances in such sagas as Battlefield, was found dead in his Brooklyn penthouse. According to the police report, the actor was found unconscious with an unconfirmed amount of heroin in his dining room. Williams was 54 years old.



His nephew, around 2 p.m first found him. Two supervisors and eight police officers were present at the scene. “There was no forced entry; the apartment was in order,” said one officer. No signs of forced entry were found, suggesting that Williams died alone.

Williams had been open about his drug problems over the years, including during his stint on The Wire’s TV series. The actor went so far as to mention that his role as Omar Little, a drug thief on the show, impacted him in real life.



The Wire has impacted the video game industry, as the series was one of the main inspirations for Rockstar Games during the development of LA Noire. Williams has also contributed to the industry, starring in NBA 2K21, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 2042.

Source: The New York Times

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