God Of War Ragnarok: The Enemies Will Be Smarter, The World Will Change

Atreus’ role in God of War Ragnarok will be bigger in the battles, so “boy” (anyone who played the first part knows what we mean…) will not be a footnote in the battles.


Eric Williams, God of War Ragnarok’s director, gave an interview to IGN, and here, he explained how Atreus’ strength would change the combat: “In Ragnarok, what we are trying to do specifically with Kratos, we’re trying to give a lot more expressiveness to the player. The way [Kratos and Atreus] link up, he’s grown up a little bit, so he’s got more follow-ups and setups for Kratos. Creatures then obviously need to have tools to go against that. Otherwise, you’re going to destroy them. So creatures have new things that you’re going to need to think, ‘Oh, I might need to break them down with Atreus first, or do this with Kratos.’ There’s going to be a little bit more conversation with the enemies with all the new tools. But because you can have different tools, then you have different conversations so that you can push them one way or that way,” Williams said.

He also talked about Fimbulwinter. The cataclysm will change the Nine Realms: “Going to all the Nine Realms, that was big for me making the old new again. Any realm you’ve been to before because Fimbulwinter has struck, they’re changed in some way. It doesn’t mean that every realm is affected by snow, by the way. I think that’s a misnomer… Fimbulwinter is an event that changes the realms in different ways. Midgard is the cataclysmic epicentre, so it got permafrost, almost if you will.”

God of War Ragnarok will launch in 2022 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Its plot is set a few years after the first game. Thor will play a prominent role in the game (the character, voiced by Ryan Hurst, was discussed the other day why he is a big boy), and the game will follow the one continuous shot approach with its camera. There will be no jumpcuts.

Source: PSL, PSU

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