Ride 4 Feels Incredible On PlayStation 5! [VIDEO]

A video showcases how Milestone’s Ride 4 bike racing game  can reach some unbelievable visual quality on the Sony console that launched last November.


Joy of Gaming published the video that you can see below. It was recorded on 4K resolution with 60 frames per second frame rate, and HDR enabled. This first-person perspective video reaches a level where you can make someone not knowledgeable in the gaming industry believe that it isn’t recorded from a game. Instead, this person would likely think that this is nothing more than a GoPro recording…

Milestone said the following about a year ago (in September 2020) about Ride 4’s next-gen version: “[The] PlayStation 5’s specifications are incredibly inviting for a racing franchise like Ride, where players expect to experience the excitement of riding a 200 HP bike in fast-paced, adrenaline-filled races all over the world. We will now deliver a smoother gameplay experience at 60 frames per second with a resolution of up to 4K.

That means players will be able to enjoy their beloved bikes with the highest quality for shaders and textures, with a never before seen level of detail for both bikes and environments. Your riding experience will also be more precise, satisfying and natural. [The] gas and brake levers will have their resistance to transmit the same sensations as their real-life counterparts,” according to Milestone, who also made good use of the PlayStation 5’s SSD (that is welded onto the motherboard for some reason…). For once, we can say this: the PR speak was no fluff.

But let the video speak for itself. Think about how we just barely started this console generation. Imagine if Polyphony Digital goes back to making a bike racing game (Tourist Trophy 2) after Gran Turismo 7. How would THAT game look?

Source: PSL

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