A Brand-New Open-World Online RPG Game From Blizzard?!

According to a job posting, Blizzard may develop an open-world online RPG game. The studio is looking for a professional with experience in these areas to join an unannounced project.


It seems that Blizzard does not hold back in the face of legal problems facing the company, as it continues with a good handful of initiatives such as Diablo Immortal or Overwatch 2. And, despite everything, it is clear that the company continues to extract juice from its ideas machine since it is now looking for professionals from the world of video games to join an unannounced project that will be included within the RPG genre and will have mechanics of open-world and online mode.

So we can read it on the Blizzard job vacancies page, where there is a position for an associate content designer. An opportunity that is accompanied by responsibilities and requirements such as “design and implementation of new events and content for an open world”, “understanding of the reward mechanics of RPG games”, “experience working in first-person shooter games”, and “previous experience in Online / Multiplayer game design “.

In this way, we can already understand what Blizzard could have in hand, although obviously, much information remains to be known to understand its intentions. In addition, this job offer, as is evident, does not give clues about the development phase the project is in, so it may take a few months for Blizzard to reward us for waiting with some first images.

Therefore, and with many unknowns in the air, such as its official announcement or the platforms on which the game will be released, Blizzard is working with its initiatives. An effort that we have seen with the recent Diablo 2: Resurrected since, although it still suffers from frequent crashes of its servers, it is still a demonstration that Blizzard has the ability both to develop new ideas and to refresh its best games, as we told you in our analysis of Diablo 2: Resurrected.

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