The Invincible: Awesome Trailer and Release Year For the Sci-Fi Thriller Based on the Novel By Stanislaw Lem! [VIDEO]

The Invincible is a space suspense adventure for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S made by veterans of The Witcher 3.


The Invincible is presented in stores as a first-person sci-fi thriller set in a retrofuturistic universe (atompunk) inspired by the last stages of the space race during the Cold War. “You will wake up on a hostile planet [Regis III] with the mission of rescuing the lost crew of your ship. While you survive, terrible secrets about this earth will be revealed before your eyes. As you continue with your investigation, you will realize that there may be someone or something else there and that there are places, like this planet, that it is better not to approach. But by the time that happens, it will be too late to turn back, “they add.


Finally, a new game with a space setting!


Starward Industries hopes to offer with this The Invincible a non-linear story that will progress according to the users’ decisions, relationships with other characters and their persuasive gifts based on the homonymous cult work written by Stanislaw Lem. In short, another video game reinforces the great state of form in which the developments of spatial settings seem to be found again.

In this sense, we will soon receive a remake of Dead Space; PUBG will travel to the future with The Callisto Protocol set in a space prison, while Bethesda, the creators of The Elder Scrolls, will launch Starfield.

The Invincible will hit stores for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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