Metroid: Samus’s Moans Were Too Sensual When She Got Hit In One Game, So Nintendo Censored Her! [VIDEO]

While the recently released Metroid Dread returned to the saga’s 2D roots, the 3D episodes also contributed to the license’s success. In an interview, Clark Wen (the audio director for the first two Metroid Prime games) revealed some of the creation process’s more exciting and amusing secrets.


Youtuber Kiwi Talkz, which specializes in interviews, posted a video yesterday in which he talks to Clark Wen for nearly an hour. Clark Wen, the audio director of Metroid Prime 1 and Metroid Prime 2, looked back on the development of the two games and revealed some little secrets.

First, Clark Wen explains that much of the soundscape was created using synthesizers. Other elements, such as the Morph Ball or the ECHO visuals, were designed using magnets or sonar. He also explains that the language of the space pirates was supposed to be Russian before he changed his mind and switched to Yoruba: the official language of Nigeria.

Wen also discusses Samus’s particularly tricky synchronization. The studio wanted to make sure that the players identified Samus’ moans as injuries. So they sent a designer on the job, who produced test versions… which went to Nintendo…”

“They were never intended to be the final version. But a few weeks after we implemented them in the game, Nintendo sent us feedback that Samus’ voice recordings sounded too sensual and sexual.”

From then on, Nintendo took over the voice-over of Samus Aran. Even though Metroid Prime was released between 2003 and 2007, the voice actors responsible for the protagonist’s voice are still unknown to the general public. However, it seems that Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect) has been chosen to voice Samus’ moans. Interestingly, another voice actress is behind the microphone when Samus dies. Wen justified this choice with the simple reason that she wanted a shot similar to Super Metroid.

Today, Clark Wen has his studio and has worked on Guitar Hero and Call of Duty titles. When asked about the recently released Metroid Dread, he initially struggled with the soundtrack and design decisions. After several hours of play, this criticism dissipated when he understood Mercury Steam’s decisions and concluded that it was an excellent game.

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