Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered: No Multiplayer!

The updated version of Terminal Reality’s 2009 Ghostbusters game will remain single-player, although the will behind bringing the multiplayer section back was there.


It was Saber Interactive, part of the Embracer Group (who are also known for many a serious Nintendo Switch port, such as The Witcher 3!), who remastered what could otherwise be called Ghostbusters 3 as the main characters from the first two films of the 1980s took on the task of adding both their voices and their looks to the new story. But it’s still a team game, so a multiplayer element might have been expected in a release that has been available for some time under the subtitle Remastered.

Matt McKnight, vice president of business development at Saber Interactive, told VentureBeat back in 2019 that another studio did the multiplayer element of the original version, and from an earlier, unfinished edition of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. To complicate matters further, Saber found no fewer than SIX versions of the multiplayer code, and since they didn’t know which one was used in the final release, they weren’t sure which one to use. Thus, they decided to leave multiplayer out of the remastered version at first, and there was no 100% decision on whether to make up for the shortfall afterwards, as Saber was reviewing the issue. And now Tim Willits, Saber’s creative director, has told MP1st, “this is something the team wanted to include when working on that remaster a few years ago and had been attempting it, but the state of the original multiplayer code unfortunately just didn’t cooperate. We did look into it but ultimately had to focus on recreating the single-player experience fans were expecting from us.”

So Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered will not be expanded any further. Ghostbusters is now being handled by IllFonic (Friday the 13th, Predator: Hunting Grounds), by the way, and presumably, their game could be based on the recently released movie, almost certainly with multiplayer-only gameplay, seeing the two titles we mentioned.

Source: PCGamer


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