Will the next Battlefield follow Overwatch’s style?

The next instalment in the Battlefield series may follow the hero shooter style (in other words, a shooting game with different characters because “hero” is a subjective term…).


Tom Henderson wrote on Twitter, “The next Battlefield title is scoped as a hero shooter of sorts – it’s not a removal of specialists, but an enhancement of them. Battlefield 2042 has always been intended to be a stepping stone to a ‘hero shooter’ with a battle royale – it was just executed poorly. It should be said to take with a grain of salt, of course, but given that I heard about this stuff last week and with all of the announcements the past couple of days, it makes perfect sense. Battlefield 2042 did change direction early on, but I can’t see them changing it?”

Electronic Arts is now allegedly planning to release the next Battlefield game in late 2023. Battlefield 2042 had a bumpy start, to say the least (we wrote about this: it launched on Steam with poor reviews, making the game effectively take a spot on the wall of shame), but it was rumoured to have sold over four million copies in its first week. (It helps that it’s a cross-gen game, meaning it’s available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in addition to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, albeit in a more modest edition.) It had twice as many players as Battlefield V after launch, but Gabe Newell’s digital platform has followed this with a rapid downward trend.

We last reported in more detail on the reorganisation of Battlefield, so here we’ll just say that Vince Zampella (Respawn Entertainment founder-head; DICE Los Angeles head…) has taken the franchise’s whip. But if they plan to release the next instalment by the end of 2023, won’t that be rushed…?

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