[TGA] The Age Of Epic Space Battles Is Back: Here’s The Trailer For Homeworld 3! [VIDEO]

We now know the approximate PC release date for the long-awaited new Homeworld game.



It’s no exaggeration to say that Homeworld is one of the greatest strategy sagas of all time; its return has been welcomed by fans of the genre with overwhelming success in the crowdfunding campaign. It’s been almost two years since then, so we were almost surprised to finally see the first gameplay trailer for Homeworld 3, which is scheduled for release on PC in late 2022.

Unveiled at The Game Awards 2021, the teaser gave us a glimpse into the stunning environment of a game that promises some significant new additions to the classic space strategy.

“The game includes a new cooperative multiplayer mode so that you can play beyond the story and campaign,” reads the official description.

“Combining real-time strategy with a turn-based combat structure, one or two commanders fight a series of battles against random fleets.”

The story continues the events narrated in the previous episodes and transports us to a sci-fi universe that has been brought to the brink of chaos by a “catastrophic failure” of the hyperspace gates. One of the original saga features is the free-for-all battle with the enemy in 3D space. “But not everything can be controlled: space phenomena such as particle storms and asteroid fields test even the most experienced commanders”.

The game is being developed by series veterans Blackbird Interactive, who in the past have treated us to an exciting game called Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Gearbox will release it towards the end of next year.

Source: Homeworld Universe

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