[TGA] Silent Hill Creator Announce New Horror Game, Slitterhead [VIDEO]

Bokeh Game Studio officially announces its first game dominated by nasty monsters, Slitterhead



They’ve started with details, fed our expectations with all kinds of information, and now they’ve unveiled a trailer that dances between horror and unpleasantness. This is the work of Bokeh Game Studio, which during The Game Awards 2021 presented its game Slitterhead with a video that will make any gamer’s hair stand on end.

Although it doesn’t give many details about the plot, the trailer presents the monstrosities that we could encounter in this experience. After all, the video highlights especially people who transform into monsters through truly horrendous deformities, so it is clear that we will have to face real nightmares to survive.

Furthermore, this adventure will be enlivened by the melodies of the iconic Akira Yamaoka, who made a name for himself in the gaming industry for his work on the Silent Hill soundtrack. Therefore, there is no doubt that Bokeh Game Studio aims to create a cocktail with which to terrify all players, as the melodies add to the cast of monsters that will give more than one problem during the adventure.

So, after feeding our nightmares with scary sketches, Slitterhead is a reality. No information has been given yet about the platforms on which we will be able to enjoy this adventure, so Bokeh Game Studio will provide us with more information about the game in the coming months.

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