Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Fresh Trailer For The Upcoming Anime Action-RPG [VIDEO]

Granblue Fantasy: Relink, whose developers haven’t talked about much so far, could be on store shelves as early as 2022.



In short, the development of Granblue Fantasy: Relink has been quiet so far, but there’s no doubt that JRPG fans are eagerly anticipating the game. The action-RPG adventure, a collaboration between Cygames and Platinum Games, will bring the classic story to life as you take on the role of captain of a team of heroes. Although the latter studio is rumoured to have pulled out of the project, the new trailer reveals that development is still going smoothly.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink will be released sometime in 2022…

As you can see in the video, the adventure will feature a variety of playable characters who will be used to experience different styles of hack & slash combat. In this sense, you’ll be able to play with traditional classes such as warriors or even ranged attackers, not forgetting critical characters in the genre such as wizards.





The world to be explored in Granblue Fantasy: Relink will be as varied as its characters, with a remarkable variety of areas and specific scenarios in which to fight. After all, the plot will lead us to fight against all sorts of evil forces so that we can expect an excellent array of fantastical elements typical of the universe.

While we were warned earlier that Granblue Fantasy: Relink would be a long time coming, the new trailer reminds us that Cygames is now working on the project independently. However, with a release date set for 2022, it looks like a safe bet that we won’t have to wait much longer to try this fantastic JRPG on PC, PS4 and/or PS5.

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