Alec Baldwin Has Kicked Off 2022 With A Reflection On What He Has Been Through

Following the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Alec Baldwin is trying to stay positive moving forward



The beginning of the year is a good time to take stock and make new resolutions. And after the dismal 2021 that Alec Baldwin (63) has experienced, the actor has also wanted to share an extensive life reflection with his followers on Instagram.

In a video of almost 13 minutes, the actor talks to the camera once again about the drama in which he is involved after accidentally shooting and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the western Rust at the end of last October. While Baldwin notes that he’s not a big fan of good New Year’s resolutions, nor does he keep them, he does explain that he’s been talking to various spiritual and philosophical leaders (who he won’t name) since Hutchins’ death. And, according to the actor, thanks to this advice, he hopes to eliminate all negative thoughts from his life by 2022.

Alec Baldwin, who, according to Google, was the most searched person of 2021, explains that “there have been more kind, thoughtful, generous-spirited people than malicious ones because of Halyna Hutchins’ death”. The actor said:

“I’ve had more people who have been kind and thoughtful and generous of spirit than I’ve had people who are malignant about the death of Halyna Hutchins. I’m not afraid to say that and to couch that in some euphemisms — somebody died very tragically. And I’ve gotten so much, I mean so much, goodwill from people. It’s just incredible.”

The actor acknowledges that it is without a doubt the worst situation he has ever been involved in. “I’m very hopeful that the people in charge of investigating all of this will get to the truth as soon as possible. No one wants the truth more than I do,” says Alec Baldwin before sharing his resolutions for the new year.

Although Baldwin continues to avoid appearing in public after the accident, this New Year’s Eve recording follows his Christmas greeting to thank his fans for their support over the past few months.

The actor is still being investigated by police over the October death of Hutchins. Baldwin was holding a gun while rehearsing a scene on the New Mexico set of the film Rust. The gun went off, and a bullet killed the cinematographer and wounded director Joel Souza. One of the latest developments in the case is that the actor has had to hand over his phone for analysis. However, it remains unclear how a gun loaded with live ammunition could have found its way onto the film’s set into the hands of the actor, who is also a producer of the film.



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