Horizon Forbidden West Beta Leaked, Increased Risk Of Spoilers

More than a month left until the release of Horizon Forbidden West



Although it’s still over a month away from release, an early version of Horizon Forbidden West has apparently leaked online, raising the alarm about possible spoilers for the PlayStation exclusive. The leak is from a beta of the game and so far contains images that we won’t share in the story due to their dubious provenance.

As far as Video Games Chronicle: VGC has learned, the leak is authentic, and with the exception of some missing art assets, contains all of the core content planned by Guerrilla Games and PlayStation Studios for release. In other words, there’s nothing to stop social media from being flooded with plot spoilers for Horizon Forbidden West in the coming weeks.

As VGC reports, Sony has been quick to step up to the plate and has already ordered the removal of material shared for copyright infringement on Twitter. However, those used to connect to these platforms may want to start taking action and block posts with key terms. It is also worth noting that, as this is a non-final version of the game, the graphics may not be as polished as they were at launch.

It is unknown to what extent this leak may be serious, although for the moment the file is not circulating on the main download portals. However, in PlayStation’s memory is the leak of The Last of Us: Part 2, which led to key facts about the game being revealed on social media days before the game’s release. At the time of writing, neither PlayStation Studios nor Guerrilla Games have commented on the matter.

You can find all the official information about Horizon Forbidden West released so far on our page, including details about side missions, HUD, graphics and more that Guerrilla Games shared this weekend, as well as a trailer about the beauty of its tribes released earlier this year.

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