Horizon Forbidden West Details Many Of Its improvements Including Side Quests, HUD, Graphics And More [VIDEO]

Players will find greater rewards outside of the main storyline and tidier on-screen information in Horizon Forbidden West



2022 looks set to be a year full of big games, although we won’t have to wait long because February brings some of the most eagerly awaited ones. Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Elden Ring, and of course, Horizon Forbidden West. Over the last month, Game Informer has been bringing a lot of new information about Horizon Forbidden West and this time, they’ve done so by detailing some of the improvements we’ll find in this promising sequel to the original game.

Guerrilla Games’ narrative director, Benjamin McCaw, has promised improved visuals, including full-motion capture cinematics, better facial animations and a top-notch cast, extended throughout the game, including minor cutscenes. This more realistic and organic look will extend to the settlements, which more characters will inhabit, and work has been done to improve their animations, all in an effort to make them more authentic and encourage us to explore.

As mentioned above, Horizon Forbidden West will also focus on building a new skill tree, as well as presenting our on-screen information in a more orderly fashion. Game director Mathijs de Jonge has confirmed that the game will start with a minimalist HUD, removing most of the information, but with a simple gesture on the touchpad, we will be able to access all the essential information.

The side missions are looking to be another strong point of Guerrilla Games’ title, being more exciting and with greater rewards than in the first instalment. “There’s a lot more variety and a greater sense of achievement, you really feel like you’re getting something great when you complete these missions,” said the director. All that’s left to do now is wait until 18 February to enjoy Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5, although we learned earlier this week that fans of the franchise will continue to get more games, this time for the new PlayStation VR2 with Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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