Dying Light: The Last Call Before The Sequel Arrives [VIDEO]

Techland has been supporting Dying Light for nearly seven years, but as the sequel is right around the corner, it is time to take the first game off the ventilator for good.


The Polish company announced the final live event in Dying Light, Spike’s Story: Last Call. Our goal is to help the survivors escape, keep the bandits away, and deal with a lot more infected (Virals) than before. Our reward will be an excellent melee weapon, the Crankshaft, if we are successful. Techland has provided us with the following description of the event:

“Rais has fallen, but it’s not the end of our problems with the bandits. Quite the contrary, to be honest. With their leader gone, they are flooding Harran, all loose and frenzied, ravaging whatever stands in their way. Their strike on a survivors’ shelter exposed those hiding inside to the infection, bringing on a host of freshly-turned Virals to deal with. As if we hadn’t had enough of them already…

But not all’s lost. Spike’s organizing a safe zone for the survivors who managed to escape. There are still many who need help getting there, though, and it will take some real grit and extraordinary skill to brave the storm and bring them to safety. You are their only hope now. Camden wanted to equip them with his special suits, but unfortunately, only some of them managed to get them. As few as they are, they might be helpful, so keep your eyes peeled! Oh, and as for the zombie situation—think Spike already knows how to deal with it. Just follow his instructions, and we might stand a chance. For your efforts, Spike will reward you with his special melee weapon — Crankshaft.”

The first part of the event runs from January 24 to 28. “Friendly survivors in protection suits will be fighting alongside you. Beware! The number of Virals is fluctuating, and there are more of them now! Local Bounty #1: Kill the bandits. Reward: Crankshaft—the 1st stage of Spike’s new weapon Local bounty #2: Help the survivors. Reward: Last Hope blueprint. Global bounty: Kill zombies using the environment. Reward: 3 King mods,” Techland added.

What an excellent way to end Dying Light.

Source: WCCFTech

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