Epic Games Launches A New Polish Studio

Epic Games and Poland are often linked, and now Tim Sweeney and his team have set up a new studio in Eastern European country.


After having taken a look at the announcement on Twitter, it is clear that Epic Games has founded a Polish studio. This team will be led by an outfit taken from a small indie team called Plastic. Plastic is known for a few games released on PlayStation consoles, such as Linger in Shadows, Datura, and Bound. According to the press release, the new studio will focus on original, standalone experiences to push the boundaries of graphics and game development. From this comment, we can quickly think of two things: firstly, Unreal Engine 5 will be used frequently, and secondly, MetaHuman Creator will also be often in the Poles’ hands.

“Our team is incredibly proud to spearhead the growth of Epic Games in Poland. Poland is a growing hub for the top engineering talent that we need to create amazing new gaming experiences for players around the world,” said Michal Staniszewski, studio director at Epic Games, in a press release. “For over twenty years, the team from Plastic has been developing some of the most ambitious and future-facing projects in the Demoscene. They are an incredible group of talent who have created genre-defining experiences that sit on the bleeding edge of technological advances, pushing hardware to the limits in a beautifully artistic way. We couldn’t be more excited to have them on our team and support their growth at Epic,” added Hector Sanchez, Head of Epic Games Publishing.

It is not the first time Epic Games has set up a studio in Europe. Previously, Tim Sweeney’s company announced that it had set up a studio in Germany (in Cologne) to house former Factor 5 developers (a name familiar to veterans of the game, including Turrican, The Adventures of Quik & Silva [under the alias New Bits on the RAM], Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Lair… and many more.)

But People Can Fly, another Polish company, was also formerly under Epic Games (they ran as Epic Games Poland from 2013 to 2015, but they spun off).

Source: WCCFTech

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