A Destiny Movie? Bungie Hires League Of Legends Animated Shorts Director

The new studio owned by PlayStation will take its saga to television, cinema or literature.


We are just over a month into 2022, and we have already had some big news in the video game industry. The most prominent for PlayStation is Sony’s purchase of Bungie, a deal priced at around $3.6 billion. These are the creators of sagas like Halo and Destiny, and about the latter.

As a result of the results report that the company presented last week (corresponding to the third quarter of the fiscal year), we learned that the studio’s plans are to expand Destiny to other media, managing to bring IP to television and cinema or literature. This transmedia project has been reinforced by the hiring of Derick Tsai, who previously served as director of animated shorts for League of Legends.

We can confirm the new job position through Tsai’s LinkedIn profile, which details his previous job at Riot Games and his new occupation at Bungie. Since January 2022, he has been the director of the Destiny transmedia universe. The financial director of the Japanese company, Hiroki Totori, has assured that, under the umbrella of Sony Pictures or Sony Music, Bungie may have more facilities when it comes to achieving the goals that are proposed. He specifically talks about film, television, animation and books, which Sony is willing to support.

Will we have a Destiny movie soon? Be that as it may, the truth is that the purchase of Bungie by Sony is just one more that we have experienced in recent weeks in the industry. Take-Two merged with Zinga in early January, but just a few days later, we had the megaton: Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard in what has become the largest operation in video game history.

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