Tim Schafer Is Not Interested In Film Adaptations: “Game Making Is What I Love To Do” [VIDEO]

Tim Schafer, the creator of Psychonauts, has admitted that he has turned down several offers to make a film version of the Double Fine titles.



Tim Schafer, the creator of the Psychonauts saga, has admitted that he is not interested in making other types of adaptations of his games because he believes games are “cooler than movies and TV shows.”

“Games are cooler than movies or TV shows” – Tim Schafer

In a recent interview with IGN, Schafer called such game adaptations “just a distraction” and revealed that Hollywood had approached him to talk about the issue, which Schafer accepted as a formality and respectfully declined. “I think game development is what I’m really interested in and what I love to do,” Schafer said.

“The idea of an adaptation comes up from time to time, but it never actually happens,” Schafer continued. He says Psychonauts would be a great candidate for a project outside of video games because there are “so many different things” you can do with the series, but Schafer reiterates that there is no need for such a project because he believes the games already “top the franchise”.

Schafer didn’t just throw those words out there, as we already know that Double Fine is working on multiple projects, and the studio is tapping into several original ideas “we haven’t seen in other titles.” However, don’t expect one of those to be Psychonauts 3, as Schafer revealed that there are no plans to continue the series, at least for now.

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