The Best Memes From Elden Ring And The Character Editor: Funny-Looking Heroes Or Famous Characters

Players have already taken advantage of FromSoftware’s in-game character creator.


Elden Ring arrived on February 25 and did so in style with a spectacular Steam premiere, far surpassing big FromSoftware titles like Dark Souls III and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, rising to become one of the highest-rated games in history on popular portals Metacritic and Opencritic.

It is clear that the game is receiving a fantastic reception. Yet, most veteran players have not forgotten what is almost a tradition in Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games: experimenting with character creation and its unique tools to achieve the most disturbing monsters ever seen in a video game, parodying memes or recreating famous characters.

We’ve collected some of the most interesting, horrifying or hilarious characters we’ve found. However, social media is full of these creations, although as you’ll see below, they’re not all bad. This time, Twitter user @xProdz_ has started one of the most wicked threads we’ve found featuring characters from the horror museum created by Elden Ring.

We start strong with a version of Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who crawled out of the sewer and straight into your nightmares. Gamer Jaybberwocky was also free to traumatise us with his interpretation of Thanos. He doesn’t have the Infinity Stones, but he doesn’t need them with that piercing stare.

There are quite a few memes in the works, but GigaChad’s sinister versions were undoubtedly a triumph with audiences. Another recurring joke that quickly went viral was Kanye West’s version of Elden Ring. This is one of my favourite memes circulating on the networks.


Then some simply enjoy covering the creator of Elden Ring until we have to sleep with the lights off. A classic that gets repeated and, as you can see, makes the creators proud.

But because we don’t want to leave you with such a bad taste in your mouth, we’ve also found works that pay homage to characters from other video games, anime, manga and even end up in their place. Such is the case with this Guts and Griffith from Berserk, perhaps one of the characters that best suits the style of the game and the surprises that fans of Kentaro Miura’s work have in store.

User TheMilkMan has shared his creation of Kratos in the first God of War trilogy, achieving excellent fidelity to the protagonist of Sony’s Santa Monica saga. The video has a detailed template for recreating it if you want to replicate it. Also, let’s not forget the perfect recreation of Geralt of Rivia by Kat Chartreux:

We must acknowledge that this is just a tiny part of the “magic” that the creator of Elden Ring has produced. If you spend more hours in the character creator than replaying bosses, we encourage you to share your creations with us.

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