System Shock 3 Lost Original Producer In 2019; Game’s Future Depends On Tencent

Warren Spector has clarified OtherSide Entertainment’s role in the development of the highly anticipated sci-fi shooter System Shock 3.



The System Shock 3 deal is one of those that unfortunately has not been easy for fans of the acclaimed sci-fi franchise. The game’s development, which was launched in 2015, has reportedly gone through a series of difficulties with the studios. OtherSide Entertainment and Starbreeze have been working together on the project for a long time.

However, Warren Spector‘s studio, OtherSide Entertainment, and Starbreeze parted ways, with the community manager claiming that the team was still involved in development after it was announced that the Chinese giant Tencent would take over investment to continue the project. Since then, both Spector and OtherSide have remained silent on the title’s development.

“We worked on it in 2018 and 2019. That was it.” – Warren Spector

Finally, in an interview with GamesBeat, Spector admitted that there’s “not much to say about System Shock 3.” He said the game is entirely dependent on Tencent, confirming that his team hasn’t worked on the project since 2019. “We were working on it in 2018 and 2019. That was it.”

Warren Spector, for his part, announced a few weeks ago the development of a new IP, for which he showed the first concept art: “Fans of my work already know what to expect: an immersive world and an engaging narrative that directly impacts player choices and gameplay,” Spector shared in a statement from OtherSide Entertainment.

Source: GamesBeat

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