Brian Cox Retracted His Negative Comments About Johnny Depp In His Memoir [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Succession star Brian Cox made comments about Depp’s “overrated” role in his new memoir, but now it seems he’s changed his mind.



Sometimes it’s hard to admit we were wrong, but actor Brian Cox has now done just that, after his recent comments about Johnny Depp’s “overrated” role in his recently released memoir Putting The Rabbit In The Hat. The Descendants star has never been afraid to speak his mind, and it seems that in writing his memoir, Cox was in ruthless form as he wrote down his opinions of the former Fantastic Beasts star. However, it appears that the actor has changed his mind and recently revealed that he will be adding a correction to the UK edition of his book to amend his “glib” joke.

In his book, Cox openly shares his thoughts and opinions on several other celebrities, and shortly after the book’s publication, his comments on Johnny Depp, in particular, attracted attention. As well as explaining how he turned down the role of Governor Swan in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Cox seemed to cast a shadow over Depp, saying:

“Personable though I’m sure he is, he is so overblown, so overrated.”

He also said he thinks the whole Disney franchise is nothing more than “the Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow show.” However, it seems that Cox has since had time to reflect on his words, and during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he even went so far as to change his book.

“I’ve written an addendum to this book, it’s going to be published in paperback in the UK. I just thought I was being a bit harsh. You know what it’s like, you go for the easy joke. And I went for the easy joke. That was what happened, and I sort of regretted it. Because I’m not like that normally; I was just being a bit glib, a bit flip.”

During the interview with Kimmel, Cox hinted that he may have spoken harshly about Depp in that way in the memoir and apparently wants to set the record straight with a supplementary essay in the next edition of the book. Predictably, many Depp fans were unhappy about the comments and rushed to defend the beleaguered star, who is still preoccupied with his legal battles with Amber Heard. Cox said during the interview that he believes Depp’s fans are “a CIA agency that works on his behalf” when talking about the backlash he has received over the comments.

Cox did not elaborate on precisely what the new text will say in the forthcoming British edition but seemed to say enough to make it clear that what he initially told about Depp was not said out of disrespect for the actor. After all, perhaps curiosity about his new remarks will be enough to attract a few more prospective buyers when the book is published; it’s all just publicity for the memoir, and Cox will no doubt welcome any further attention he can get.

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