We Never Thought Such A Crazy Spider-Man Mod Could Exist, But It Does! [VIDEO]

Spider-Man? Come on, in New York City, even a tiny spider can have fun…



Spider-Man has become a defensive superhero relatively quickly, so it’s only natural that young Peter Parker would want to take a temporary break from superhero duties. This has led him to enter the world of GTA San Andreas with a quirky mod, though he leaves with the peace of mind that New York City is protected by a different spider: the real one.

That’s pretty much the premise user jedijosh920 is proposing with his latest mod for PS4’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: get the superhero out of the way and become a spider who can best roam the city.

While it adds nothing to the gameplay in practice, it’s still a fun way to fist-pump through the streets of New York.

As you can see in the video accompanying the news, becoming a spider means having a much smaller body than the one you’re used to as Spider-Man in Insomniac’s games. However, we are able to climb walls and throw webs to move around the city and take down enemies. A small spider may not seem threatening, but this mod reminds us why we should avoid them at all costs.

PlayStation titles have captured the imagination of many a modder, especially if you look at God of War, for example. Over the years, suggestions have been made that, leaving Kratos aside, allow us to play with Atreus and CJ, the aforementioned protagonist of GTA San Andreas.

Source: YouTube

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