The New Tales From The Borderlands Is Being Developed In-House!

2K (=Take-Two) and Gearbox Software, part of the Embracer Group, announced at PAX East 2022 during the Gearbox show that they will be taking over from Telltale and making a new Tales from the Borderlands.


And who better to take the stage than Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford. He said, “I know many of you love the Borderlands universe, the stories told within it—we love it, too. We also know that many of you loved Tales from the Borderlands, right? Well, as you know, some of the characters from Tales from the Borderlands made their way into Borderlands 3, so we love that format to create characters, create new stories, and explore all that differently than what’s possible with looter-shooter games.

Because of the success and our love for Tales, and our interest in developing the Borderlands universe in new ways, we thought it would be fun and exciting to dive into the format of interactive fiction once again. This time, we’re doing it to imagine all-new characters and all-new stories from the Borderlands. So soon, we’ll be announcing an all-new game set within the Borderlands universe and presented in that style of interactive fiction.

I’m talking about an all-new Tales from the Borderlands adventure. It will be releasing this year [in 2022], 2K Games publish it, and it has been developed in-house by Gearbox Software. And it has all-new characters set in the Borderlands universe. We’ve been working on this experience secretly for many years. And I can’t wait until it’s time to announce this all-new game this summer and show all of you what we’ve been doing. So please be on the lookout this summer for the announcement of an all-new Tales from the Borderlands,” Pitchford said.

So, for the lack of a better name, Tales from the Borderlands 2 is coming, and if it does launch this year, it’s safe to say it will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as the first part was also multiplatform. A Nintendo Switch version wouldn’t be a big surprise either, but we’re guessing.

Source: Gematsu

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