Hot Wheels Unleashed: The Monster Trucks Content Is Now Available [VIDEO]

Another content update arrived for Hot Wheels Unleashed, which is no longer Milestone’s latest game, as MotoGP 22 has been released.


The full name of the new content is officially Hot Wheels – Monster Trucks Expansion. Quoting the press release, “Take the races to a literally EXTRA LARGE dimension! The HOT WHEELS – Monster Trucks Expansion is now available, delivering a large number of new content to all players. The HOT WHEELS – Monster Trucks Expansion includes five new vehicles: Race Ace, Tiger Shark, HW Demo Derby, 5 Alarm and the legendary Bone Shaker, in the Monster Truck version, and a fresh new environment, the Stop Motion Studio, featuring four extraordinary scenarios for races.

Fight in the Jungle, leap into the Quarry and leave the sweltering heat of the Desert to go to the chills of Ice Mountain! The expansion also contains Smashing Rocks, a new stunning Track Builder Module and a themed Customization Pack for the Basement,” the perhaps too short press release wrote…

These features make Hot Wheels Unleashed a game with a live service model, one notable difference from many games that properly fall into this category. In Milestone’s game’s case, an Internet connection is not required even for offline single-player races, as it is a game that can be played offline. (It cannot be said of Gran Turismo 7, which ran into significant trouble recently.)

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a multiplatform, cross-gen game available on all major platforms. As well as PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it’s also available on PC (including Steam and Epic Games Store), but you can also find Milestone‘s creation on the 2013 console line-up of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and even play it on the bus, as a Nintendo Switch port is available.

Source: Magnew press release

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