PSVR 2 Will Use Stunning Technology To Model The Player’s Hand

TECH NEWS – Sony’s latest patent shows that PSVR 2 can use a combination of headset cameras and sensors to recreate players’ hands in-game accurately.



A recently released patent from Sony shows that PSVR 2 could be onto something big. Virtual Reality has seen an enormous boom in the games industry in recent years, with many developers looking to take advantage of the immersive experiences VR can offer. Hardware such as the Meta Quest 2 and HTC Vive have enjoyed significant success as dedicated VR platforms, while other companies such as PlayStation have created VR-based add-ons for their existing consoles. With several popular games such as Skyrim and Among Us releasing VR versions, many fans are already preparing for the future of VR technology – as is Sony with its impressive innovations.

Sony officially unveiled PSVR 2 during CES 2022 in January.

The manufacturer revealed many improvements coming to the PS5-focused platform. For PSVR 2, it was confirmed that it would feature 4K HDR graphics and an expanded field of view, while subsequent updates revealed changes to the headset’s hardware, making it thinner than its PS4 counterpart. Sony has reportedly filed several patents for significant improvements coming to PSVR 2, such as eye-tracking. The latest such patent claims that Sony’s latest VR headset may be able to track the position of a player’s fingers accurately.

The patent, filed by Sony and published late last week, shows systems for PSVR 2 that accurately track the position of fingers, with the idea that the headset can digitally reconstruct the player’s hand in-game. The system would reportedly be able to determine the finger positions of the player holding the controller using a combination of sensors in the controller and the VR headset’s camera.




According to the patent’s backstory, sensor tracking of the controller itself creates “dead zones for parts of a hand not near a sensor.”

Sony’s PSVR 2 hand recognition technology would use machine learning to try to fill in finger positions not captured by the controller’s sensors. Earlier patents filed by Sony have already hinted that PSVR 2 could use machine learning to determine where a player might look first, and the latest patent suggests that the software will be able to decide on the position of a player’s hands. The proposed technology could allow the system to create accurate representations of the player’s hand within the game, creating a more profound 1:1 VR experience.

Looking at the litany of recent patents related to PSVR 2, it seems that Sony has plenty in store for the launch of the new virtual reality platform. Many fans will also be watching Thursday’s State of Play, as the company has confirmed that the broadcast will include more information about the games coming to PlayStation’s new VR set.


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