GameStop Removed An NFT Based On A September 11 Victim!

GameStop was a company that used to sell mainly video games, and they have caught on to this NFT trend…


The chain announced in February that it would open an NFT marketplace, which is still in beta. Here, customers can buy/sell NFTs from/to approved dealers. One of them, running under the name Jules on the platform, minted an NFT called Falling Man. In it, a figure was posed as an astronaut and falling, with a comment next to it that “This one probably fell from the MIR [space] station.” The only problem is that it looks like an iconic Associated Press photo of someone falling from the now-destroyed World Trade Center during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001… below, you can see the NFT and the original image.

According to Twitter, Falling Man has become such a big deal that it’s now a featured image on GameStop in a Google search. The NFT marketplace is currently using astronauts as mascots. For example, when new applicants have to fill out a form or when you download some wallpapers, astronauts show up. The image is now gone, but the Wayback Machine still has a saved example.

Twenty-five issues of NFT were minted and traded for 0.165 Ethereum, or $265. “Certain collections violated our terms of service, which resulted in the NFTs being suspended from our marketplace. You will still be able to transfer these NFTs to layer 1 and between wallets, but they cannot be sold on our marketplace,” GameStopNFT wrote, and what the company replied to a user who rightfully complained about this in a private message was shared on Reddit: “This NFT will be removed from our marketplace entirely. This user has already had their minting ability removed from their account, and we have already been in direct contact with the creator about these actions.”

A final quip: the GME_Meltdown subreddit speculates that the figure on the NFT is a rendering of an existing 3D model of a Russian flight suit, created by another artist, and most likely stolen without permission from Blender Market

Source: PCGamer

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