Sonic Frontiers: Demo Gameplay Leaked, With Spectacular Boss Fight Scenes! [VIDEO]

Some leaked footage from the Sonic Frontiers demo shows new scenes and a boss fight against an enemy called “Squid”.



New footage leaked from the Sonic Frontiers demo shows a series of previously unseen scenes and a boss fight. Since public demos are available at in-person industry events, this allows fans to try out highly anticipated games like this in bite-sized portions.

However, after the demos were shown at GamesCom, Sega outright banned players from recording footage of the game, as some players were able to exploit a bug that allowed them to go further than initially planned.

Despite the restrictions, leaked gameplay videos of Sonic Frontiers have been posted online for fans to see.

GPF provided this gameplay on YouTube, who managed to get their hands on a demo of Sonic Frontiers at EGX. This compilation of clips showcases some of the new features, including the Sonic Frontiers boss fight. This boss was briefly shown in June when the video revealed that it would be called Squid. Players will be able to find it by wandering around the area, where they can then jump onto the giant roadway floating behind it to start the battle. From there, players must dodge their fireballs while running, stun them with a targeted attack, and fight them head-on.



Geoff Keighley bejelentette, hogy a Gamescomon világpremierrel és a nyílt világú játékkal kapcsolatos hírekkel mutatkozik be a Sonic Frontiers.



Transitions from the game have also been shown, in which Sonic encounters Sage and the giant titanic foe that has been featured in many trailers. As shown in the TGS trailer introducing Super Sonic, the blue blur is no match for him in his current state, and he ends up in a volcano. Shortly after Sage leaves, Sonic wakes up in a panic, noting that he’ll need the power of seven Chaos Emeralds if he’s to defeat the colossal foe.

The last notable shot is of Amy and her role in Frontiers, described in the video as taking place after the first encounter with Titan.

Amy sends Sonic on a side mission, where he plays a quick mini-game of collecting the Kocos. Once this is done, Sonic performs a hilarious and animated dance scene and is rewarded with a green Chaos Emerald, and Amy asks him to find more scattered Kocos. Fans immediately jumped on the dance scene, praising how lively and nicely animated Sonic looked during it.

Source: YouTube

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