Google Stadia’s Death Could Severely Impact a Massive Red Dead Online Fan!

The two are related, and it wouldn’t be the reader’s fault if they held their head after reading the title.


This week’s biggest news was the one that everyone was probably waiting for, knowing the company’s history of underperforming services: Google announced the death of its cloud platform, Stadia, and there were instances of a publisher announcing a port to the platform and then the next day, after the shutdown announcement, jokingly responding to it.

Colour, who might be known on YouTube and TikTok, has been playing Red Dead Online on Google Stadia, where Red Dead Redemption 2 is also available, but he has spent a lot of time there: he has spent 5907 hours (!!!) playing in the cloud. Put another way: that’s 246 days of non-stop play. A little over eight months! Since the game was released on Google’s platform on November 19, 2019 (as a launch title), it can be calculated that 1048 days have passed. So a good six hours a day played on Stadia on average. We can’t even imagine how much traffic it has generated…

Stadia’s departure has prompted several developers to work on a solution for the affected players: the Danish company IO Interactive (currently working on its James Bond project, Project 007) has assured Google Stadia users on Twitter that they will be able to “continue the Hitman experience on other platforms”, and Bungie has pointed out on its forum that they will let us know as soon as they have a plan to migrate to another platform. It’s the least they can do…

However, Red Dead Online account transfers are not common, so Colour hopes to do a one-off character transfer. Still, to do that, Rockstar and Take-Two would have to do something, but with them burning like the Reichstag over the Grand Theft Auto VI leak lately, who knows if they’ll do anything…

Source: PCGamer

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