One Of PlayStation Stars’ Collectibles Is Going Back In Time In October!

The strictly non-NFT figure is easily recognisable to those who remember the early days of PlayStation.


We reported on the announcement and release schedule for PlayStation Stars and how the Japanese gamers didn’t take kindly to the fact that the highest level of Sony’s loyalty programme, already launched in Asia, was given priority when contacting their customer service team. Still, the figures themselves, which can be displayed (and made public), have not been much talked about.

One of the collectable figures will be a T-Rex. You might not recognise it at first glance, so a little explanation is needed for the extinct animal: a T-Rex was used by Sony in the iconic PlayStation tech demo (you can watch a video of it here). Sony wasn’t joking when they said they’re reaching into the past with their loyalty program. It doesn’t take much to do that: if you launch any PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 game in October, you’ll get it when you sign up for PlayStation Stars (all you need is a PlayStation Network account; no PlayStation Plus subscription is required).

We don’t know yet if we’ll get it in the western regions (who knows if there will be regional variations), as it launches in the Americas on the 5th and in Europe and Australia on the 13th, so we can only guess in these few days. Via PlayStation Fanatic, we’ve learned that the official description of the T-Rex is that it’s “a scientifically authentic mini statue of the original tech demo T-Rex for PlayStation” that PlayStation Stars members will receive.

It’s not quite the start you might have expected from Sony. Even if you can call Sony’s lookback a great idea, it’s not sure if it’s authentic (Sony Interactive Entertainment is headed by Jim Ryan, who has condemned backwards compatibility in the past…). You can only view them on iOS and Android in the PlayStation App, so you can’t even look at them on a console.

We’ll see if there will be a T-Rex in the West.

Source: PSL

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