Gotham Knights: Rocksteady Developer Has Commented Accusingly On The FPS Limit!

The Rocksteady developer suggests that the Xbox Series S is to blame for Gotham Knights’ 30fps, calling Microsoft’s machine “potato”.



The debate is raging once again: a Rocksteady developer on the Batman: Arkham franchise has suggested that the Xbox Series S is to blame for the 30fps of Gotham Knights.

“An entire gaming generation paralysed by that potato” – Lee Devonald.

It was Lee Devonald, Rocksteady’s lead character artist, who made his views clear on his Twitter account. Before we get into his statements, it’s worth making it clear that he didn’t work on the game, something he himself has stressed. He was working on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. However, Devonald says: “The Series S exists though. And Microsoft won’t let you launch on one without the other.
And the entire generation of games, hamstrung by that potato”.

Earlier, the developer already weighed in on the Gotham Knights controversy when he responded to a tweet about Gotham Knights’ 30fps:

“I wish gamers understand what 60 fps means, in terms of all the things they miss to make the game run so fast.”

“Especially considering that we have a console current generation which is not much better than a state-of-the-art one,” Devonald stresses.

Following the controversy that ensued, the developer finally apologised in a tweet. He also issued a statement in which he tried to distance himself from the discussion he had started. He also called for respect for developers, as they should “always be free to make their game their way”.


Gotham Knights gets 30fps on consoles


It turns out that Warner Bros. themselves have confirmed on the game’s official Discord channel that the title will only run at 30fps.

It’s also worth noting that the 4-player co-op game will arrive later with a free update.

UPDATE: Lee Devonald has since deleted his Twitter account.

Source: The Golden News

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