The Cooperation Between Autowallis, ALTEO, and Opel Supports the Spread of Electric Vehicles

TECH NEWS – Owners of electric Opel vehicles will be able to buy not only vehicle chargers but will also receive access to sustainable energy solutions: thanks to the coordination of e-mobility-related services between the AutoWallis Group and ALTEO, owners of electric Opel vehicles will be offered a complex solution that ensures reliable and cheaper electric vehicle use. As part of this strategic cooperation, customers will be able to purchase vehicles, charging equipment, and related services from Opel dealers, including paired with solar panel systems and energy storage solutions starting in 2023.



The initiative announced last year by ALTEO and the AutoWallis Group to support the spread of green mobility in Hungary, based on the synergies of e-mobility services, has reached a new stage. The two companies listed in the Premium category of the Budapest Stock Exchange are increasing the level of their cooperation and are further coordinating the development of charging infrastructure for the distribution of EVs. As part of the above, in 2023 – for the first time in the country – solar panel systems and energy storage systems will be sold in the Hungarian dealerships of the Opel brand, represented by the AutoWallis Group in four countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia, in addition to Hungary), with the professional backing of ALTEO’s e-mobility division, ALTE-GO. In addition to electric charging equipment, Opel showrooms in Hungary now also offer options such as the installation of chargers, the development of an electrical grid, and an energy management system to ensure the efficient use of available electrical capacity, tailored to the needs of private and corporate customers.

AutoWallis Investor Relations & ESG Director Gábor Székely explained that the Group is committed to sustainable operations while transitioning to a green business. The rise of green mobility is illustrated by the fact that the combined market share of electric vehicles in the EU and the UK has increased to 19 percent in 2021, up from 11 percent in the previous year. Last year, 15,510 vehicles with green license plates were registered in Hungary, which accounts for 6.1 percent of the market. The growth has continued unabated, as a total of 17.5 thousand similar vehicles have been registered in the first ten months of this year. Gábor Székely added that the AutoWallis Group’s Retail & Services Business Unit sold 1,084 electric and hybrid vehicles in 2021, which shows that customers are increasingly open to green technologies. However, a suitable charging network both on Hungary’s roads and in homes is essential for the development of the category, for which the members of the AutoWallis Group have been offering cutting-edge solutions. The cooperation agreement concluded with ALTEO last year extends to the sale of innovative energy solutions for charging EVs, meaning the companies will now cooperate in the sale of charging solutions offered to owners of Opel vehicles.

“The price for publically charging EVs will soon rival that of fossil fuels, while charging at home and at company sites will continue to provide better conditions, cheaper prices, and increased comfort,” said Dénes Novotny, head of ALTEO’s e-mobility division. According to the expert, the comprehensive solution provided by ALTE-GO and the AutoWallis Group is a one-stop shop solution for everything needed to ensure that by the time Opel models are delivered to the dealership, the infrastructure for cost-effective EV ownership is in place at the customer’s home or business premises. Dénes Novotny emphasized: “Although this is an important step in our cooperation, we are not done yet. In 2023, solar panel systems and energy storage solutions will be added to the charging of electric Opel vehicles. Car dealerships are the ideal location for showcasing these solutions and providing customers with explanations, who will be able to purchase entire decentralized packages when buying a vehicle.”

The cooperation between ALTE-GO and the AutoWallis Group has already been implemented in the form of a number of joint developments. In Hungary, electric chargers and a solar panel system have been installed at the Vecsés technical base of Sixt, represented by the AutoWallis Group, and high-capacity charging equipment has been installed at the Wallis Motor Pest and Duna dealerships, as well as at the Jaguar and Land Rover showroom on Váci út, where a solar panel system is currently being installed.

Regarding plans for the future, Dénes Novotny said that next year they plan to sell at least 100 chargers via Opel dealerships, and they expect an increasing number of customers to choose solar panel and energy storage systems to complement their chargers.

Source: AutoWallis press release

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