Todd Howard Would Have Worked On An Indiana Jones Game In 2009 [VIDEO]

While Starfield is slowly being completed at Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard focuses on the treasure hunter.


Howard was a guest of Lex Friedman, and he talked about several topics during the two-and-a-half-hour conversation so that we might return to this video later. This time, we’ll focus on the Indiana Jones IP. Howard (who is the executive producer on the already announced but far-from-finished game!) revealed his favorite film of them all: “Raiders [of the Lost Ark] is still my favorite movie of all time, no debate, best movie ever. I saw it when I was younger, and I believed it, I believed this happened, and when they found this Ark, I couldn’t believe they’d found it.” After all that, it’s no wonder Howard wanted to do Indy.

He had an idea and pitched it to LucasArts (now called Lucasfilm Games) in 2009: “I had pitched Lucas. I met some people there and pitched them back in ’09 this Indiana Jones concept, and the deal fell apart. I didn’t have the team to do [it], and you know we made [The Elder Scrolls V:] Skyrim, so I guess it worked out,” added Howard, who says it was an excellent choice to entrust the game to MachineGames, who worked on Wolfenstein: “[They are] the perfect fit for this game with storytelling and how to record it: if you like Indiana Jones it is a definite love letter to Indiana Jones!”

It seems that the game has a good chance of being an action-adventure in the style of the films. Indy’s strength lies in his luck, and he’s a standout character in the movies because of his persistent ability to reinvent himself constantly. Howard has described the game as unique, and interestingly, he works on it every day alongside Starfield, so hopefully, the result will be fair, just not as buggy as most of his games were at launch.

Source: PCGamer

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